Alla Nikitskaya, concert pianist, piano teacher

Alla Nikitskaya is a concert pianist and piano teacher from Plaistow, New Hampshire, USA. She was born in Zhukovskiy (Moscow county), Russia, in a family of professional musicians and started playing piano at the age of 5. Her first piano teacher was her mother, Lada Nikitskaya. She is a graduate of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory Music College and Moscow Gnesin Institute. Alla represents Heinrich Neuhaus piano school. Her teachers were Pavel Messner, Natalia Suslova, Lada Nikitskaya, who were students of great Russian pianists such as Emil Gilels, Lev Oborin, Vera Gornostaeva, respectively (who are in turn Heinrich Neuhaus’s students).


Alla developed her career in Russia as a solo and duet pianist. She played recitals as a duet and solo player, performing at well-known Russian auditoriums, such as –Moscow Piller Hall of House of Unions, Gnesin Great Concert Hall, Moscow Scriabin Museum, Moscow Art Galleries and other concert halls in Russian cities. As a harpsichord player she performed with the Orchestra at Handel Festival held in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Philharmonic Hall. This performance was shown on Russian TV. At the Moscow Scriabin Festival she recieved a Special Award for a piano duet with her sister, Maria Nikitskaya, which was broadcasted on the radio.


Later, she moved to the US in 1999, and became a US citizen in 2006. Soon after arriving to the country she started playing piano recitals in New England. She had solo performances at MIT Lincoln Laboratory Concert Auditorium (MA), Milford Town Hall(NH), Annicchiarico Theatre (NH), Amazing Things Art Center (MA), Main Sound Stage (ME), and many other wonderful concert venues of New England. In classical music, romantic music is her favorite, including Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Debussy, etc. She also plays new age/contemporary/jazz music, including her original compositions and arrangements.


In addition, Alla teaches piano and music theory in-person and online, and some of her students compose and improvise under her instruction. She arranges student recitals regularly and her students play a varied repertoire, original compositions and improvisations on stage.


Alla Nikitskaya recorded two CDs and many video recordings on Youtube. In her first CD, “Romantic Interpretations” (2005), she plays a set of classical pieces, and in her second CD “East Meets West” (2008) she plays both classical and popular music.

In 2009, Fanfare magazine published an article-interview titled “Romantic Interpretations. Alla Nikitskaya in America” in the March/April issue, which also consists of positive reviews about Alla’s CDs.

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