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Alla Nikitskaya's debut album Romantic Interpretations is dedicated to the works of the most popular and beloved composers, such as Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Debussy. Every piece by Chopin on this distinguished disc is perfectly judged, and the considerable virtuoso demands of some of them are never allowed to overwhelm their essential poetry. Alla's performance of Nocturne in D flat major Op.27, No. 2 and Etude in A flat major op.25 No. 1 is bristled with wonderful moments of natural tenderness and sensitivity and the interpretation of the Revolutionary Etude is marked by deep feeling and expert precision. Exquisite Consolation No 3 by F. Liszt is performed with a great sense of taste and natural beauty. Pianist's interpretation of Russian music is also very moving. Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor op.3 No.2 is played with great passion and vigor. In contrast, the Tchaikovsky's Nocturne in C# Minor op.19 No. 2 sounds taut, tinged with lyrical moments of melancholia. Alla's interpretation of Claire de Lune (Moonlight) by Debussy is beautifully balanced. It is marked with delicate line of decoration emphasized by fresh combinations of colours, but at the same time preserves original substance of the composition and is thoroughly convincing. The natural intimate and tender piano tone of the pianist is one of the most compelling features of this very special recording.
Sergei Pavlov, Concert pianist, Grand Prix Winner of The Bartok-Kabalevsky International Piano Competition. Artistic Director of Debut Piano Studio Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alla Nikitskaya is a very interesting, versatile and gifted musician. Her piano palette is remarkable for the delicacy which results from the psychological nature of this pianist, as well as the exceptional quality of her absolute pitch. Perfect, flawless pitch provides the differentially and clarity of her piano style and, most important, defines originality and sophistication of phrasing when playing compositions of various classical music trends. What rivets the attention is a very special type of pianist’s musical temperament: every composition is filled, from the beginning to the end, with the candid artistic warmth. Not a single note sounds indifferent, and each small detail of musical composition remains vital. The listener will be pleased by her amazingly careful way of producing every piano sound. Alla’s keyboard technique is definitely influenced by Russian piano school, and it’s not a surprise since all her teachers, and even parents, are representing the Russian tradition in piano playing. Her musical heritage is built by such great musicians as Lev Oborin, Heinrich Neuhaus, Emil Gilels, Vera Gornostaeva and many other beautiful piano players. While still in Russia, the piano duet (2-piano and 4-hands) of Alla and her sister, Maria Nikitskaya, was well-known among Russian musicians. With both players having the same highest-quality pitch, they were able to master the ensemble playing to its finest. It’s still a mystery how these two fragile pianists were managing to produce such a powerful, multi-dimensional sound in large Moscow concert halls.
Ekaterina Messner, Concert pianist, Laureate of The International Competition of Chamber Ensembles (Tortona, 1993) and Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Teacher

The modern piano art development requests from a performer not only the highest level of technical mastery, but also the original style, aura, great personality and difference from other performers. All these qualities belong to Alla Nikitskaya. She represents the well-known Russian Piano School. On her album "Romantic Interpretations" she plays works by F.Chopin, F.Liszt, P.Tchaikovsky, C.Debussy and S.Rachmaninov. Every interpretation we listen to is original and convincing. Here we are talking not only about the art of soundmaking, technical and professional mastery but, first, we are talking about the great mastery of interpretation.
Arnold Bulkin, concert pianist, jury member of children's piano competitions, Dozent of Hochschule High School of Music And Theatre. Hannover, Germany

I have worked with many musicians over the years but none as great an artist as Alla. Her power mixed with emotion is unparalleled. Her sense of perfection is beautiful in our world of errors, mistakes and misjudgments. She will make you cry as you hear the intensity in her playing. This is how Music should be enjoyed!
F. Houston Galloway, Producer, Engineer, Physicist, Musician



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