Alla Nikitskaya Discography


          F.Chopin. Etude in C Minor, Op.10, No.12, “Revolutionary”.


          F. Liszt. Consolation in D flat major, No.3.


          F.Chopin. Etude in A Flat Major, Op.25, No.1.


          F.Chopin. Nocturne in D Flat Major,Op.27, No.2.


          S. Rachmaninoff. Prelude in G sharp minor OP.32, No.12.


          S.Rachmaninoff. “Lilacs” in A Flat Major, Op.21, No.5 (First edition).


          P. Tchaikovsky. Morceaux. Nocturne in C Sharp Minor, Op.19, No.2.


          S. Rachmaninoff. Prelude in G Major, Op.32, No.5.


          S Rachmaninoff. Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3, No.2.


          C. Debussy. Suite Bergamasque. “Clair de Lune” in D flat major.


          C. Debussy. “La plus que lente” in G Flat Major.


          C. Debussy. “Golliwogg’s Cake- walk” in E flat major, from “Children’s Corner”.


          C.Debussy. 12 Preludes, Bk. 1:

          “La fille aux cheveux de lin” in G Flat Major, No.8.


          C. Debussy. “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” in C major, from “Children’s Corner”.



          R.Wagner – F. Liszt. “Spinner’s song” (Piano transcription from the opera “Flying Dutchman”) in A major (5:27)


          F. Liszt. “Sonetto 123 del Petrarca” in A flat major - 5:45


          C. Debussy. Etude No.6 in C flat major, from “12 etudes” - 1:49


          F. Chopin. Nocturne in B flat minor OP.9, No.1 - 4:52


          R. Schumann. Fantasy in C major, OP.17, part 1 - 11:43


          A. Liadov. Musical Snuffbox (Waltz – Joke) in A major, OP.32 - 1:50


          H. Mancini. Moon River (arr. by Y. Chugunov) - 2:45


          B.Kaempfert. Strangers in the Night (arr. by Y. Chugunov) - 1:36


          M. Legrand. The Summer Knows (arr. by A. Rasin) - 1:46


          F.Loewe. My Fair Lady. On the street where you live (arr. by Y. Markin) - 2:21


          J.Mandel. The Shadow of Your Smile (arr. by. G. Fine) - 3:34


          F. Lai. Love story (arr. by Y. Markin) - 2:14


          R.M./R.B. Sherman. Mary Poppins. Chim Chim Cheree (A. Nikitskaya’s dedication to R.M./R.B. Sherman) - 2:23


          B.Streisand. Evergreen (arr. unknown) - 4:07


          F. Loewe. I Could Have Danced All Night (arr. by Y. Chugunov) - 0:57


          J.Kander. Cabaret (arr. by G. Fine) - 2:20

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